Greg Hanks Design

Home of the BA-660

A part time activity wherein I indulge myself with design/consultation and Manufacturing that is both interesting and profitable. I am always looking for interesting projects.

My Primary time target right now is the reintroduction of the BA-660. Currently working on the fourth run in the last three years.
All effort associated with the BA-660 is in honor and memory of my Son. Ben was supposed to be my partner on the reintroduction but he passed away October 8, 2011 (six days after his 21st birtday) Please 'Like' his Facebook Page.

I enjoy targeting 'issues' that require thinking outside the box.
My fulltime job is 'Senior Information Systems Architect' for a major health insurance company, and that does not leave me with a lot of spare time. BUT I still like to tinker with things outside of my daily grind.

If you have an interesting custom project and a budget, give me a call!.

Company History and Expertise

  • AUDIO/AUDIO/AUDIO .. Recording studio technology from 1969 to 1994... Includes Machine control, Echo system design and maintenance, Tube design and tape machine optimization. (See "Articles")
  • Marketing .. Initial experience based in promotion of above activities, leading to sales of electronics components, Leading to Internet  Sales and Marketing
  • InterNetworking .. In 1994 the internet was a concept. Very few people were able to do much more than browse... I wanted to put our catalog online and sell to the engineers using the internet. I learned how to make it work, what's involved in distribution and how to build networks to support a robust internet system.
  • Telecommunications .. Voice, Data, Video, IM and Telepresence. The cabling infrastructure that makes the internet possible requires an understanding of the companies, people, systems and structures that require interoperation to pull all of these different disciplines together.

Gossip about my audio hardware:

Due to ongoing interest,(And it's still fun to work and play in audio..)

Finished a run of 20 units and all are sold. The price has gone up .

Thinking about other products . Such as a modular unit providing a basic power supply and chassis with Basic stereo Mic pre included. Modules under consideration include:
  • Advanced Stereo Mic Pre
  • Stereo Metering
  • Mono compressor limiter
  • Stereo compressor limiter/expander
  • Equalizer selection (EQP-1A, MEQ, etc)
  • Adding Digital output to BA. DONE

      ..... gimme more ideas!!!

To get on the list for a new BA-660... tell me how much you want one...
OR... Tell your local pro audio dealer you want one and direct them to me..