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The BA 660 was designed to be the "Ultimate Mic Pre" and  has been out of production since 1997. BUT IT'S BACK
 Series 1001 is sold out. 1002 Sold Out. New series ONLY available with Digital Output and Linearization...

Taking order for next ones now! 

The price is now $5,499 with AES/EBU Out. New Prices... 

Just finished the protoype of the "Unclippable ADC Output". Configurable to either  -12 or -18 db below full scale @ +4 dbu analog out (Still available in addition to the AES Out) the digital output does not go to full scale until the analog output of the BA goes into clipping. The only way to clip the digital out is to clip the analog out of the BA-660! As the Ultimate Mic Pre, it was seen that ADC was necessary.
Doing a limited run of ADC boards. 
The price to upgrade 1001 series BA's is $995 plus shipping and tax. Original series (With pcmcia card) is an additional $750 (Gain control pcb also needs to be replaced... But it will sound and work better!!)
You need to ship it back to me and it will take anywhere between two and six weeks to complete, depending on my work load.

There were only 95 120 made. I am following up HAVE DONE an "un-clippable" A to D converter that wraps around the Output of the BA-660 giving the unit a digital output that can reflect the +34 max out in the digital domain. I am not releasing the "Wavefront Modulation Device" (WMD for Short) at this time. Problem was... when you get the effect you want... You always want More and it started to sound less stellar. A fabulous idea whose time is not quite here.
Just sold out another 20.
Have parts for 4 more! 
Finished the last 4. Started ordering parts for the next run and found that some of these parts are not available for any price! I have enough stock to support the ones out there, but with the limited financial success of this effort, I don't know if I will be building any more. 
Four units available  
Limited production, with advance deposit required.
If you want one, Click Here!
If you want something special, Contact me. 
If you own one and want some help,  Contact me 

There is still a significant demand for the unit.  

They sell on ebay, Craig's list and equipment resellers... Some significant users have included the Rolling Stones, Eddy Van Halen, Shania Twain and Luciano Pavarotti.

If you own one and could provide some sound samples, picture or your studio, or whatever...Contact me...

Technical issues:

Having gone through a number of repairs on these units over the last couple of years, I find the biggest issue is damage done by people trying to 'repair' the units!
If you own one, contact me for a repair manual.
Here are some videos showing how to work on them! They ARE complex, they are easy to damage, but they are also very reliable. MORE 

New Ideas

I have been considering doing a modular unit based on the first and second stages of the BA-660. More 

The Team

I did not do all of the design alone. It was a team effort. The team was composed of
  • Myself, (Greg Hanks)
  • Isaac Ferstenberg, Principle Genius and mathematician
  • John Andreadis, Circuit board layout
  • Chris Finch, Mechanical Designer Extraordaire.

Since 1996 I have been handling the BA-660 completely on my own. The contribution made by the above team was massive and this piece would not exist if not for their heroic efforts. Thank you Guys!

Contact Information

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(860) 349-4440
212 Maiden Lane
Durham, CT 06422
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